Building Stages


  • The first step in building the home of your dreams.
  • The location of the foundation is laid out and certified by a professional geotechnical engineer.
  • All excavation work will be inspected and passed by the local municipality before the installation of the homes foundation.
  • Any site that has a soil or water issue will have a structural building pad installed that will be designed and signed off by a geotechnical engineer.



  • Interior concrete slab floors are installed with a sealed 6mm polyurethane moisture barrier which keeps the soil underneath dry and uniform.
  • Rebar is installed in the footings and any below grade window openings to provide additional structural integrity to the foundation walls.
  • Foundation walls are installed using a 20mpa concrete mix which exceeds the requirements of the national building code.
  • 4 inch perforated weeping tile is installed around the entire perimeter of the foundation to provide proper water drainage.
  • On the exterior of the foundation wall we install a Delta MS membrane which keeps the soil moisture from touching the foundation wall and provides proper drainage to the weeping tile and away from the foundation.


Building Envelope

  • All exterior walls are constructed of 2×6 lumber spaced on 16 inch centres.
  • Exterior wall sheathing consist of 5/8“ plywood which guarantees for a better structure then your standard OSB sheathing.
  • Exterior walls are insulated using a R24 fibreglass bat insulation.
  • Premium vinyl siding is used on all new homes with the option of either a composite or band sawn prime trim.
  • Under the siding the house is wrapped with a breathable Tyvek that is taped and will help prevent any water intrusion.
  • Interior floor system is a combination of pre-engineered wood I joists and ¾” plywood sheathing which together provide a floor that is structural sound and solid.
  • Pre-engineered roof trusses are manufactured locally and can be designed to suite individual home owner’s plan design requirements.
  • All attic spaces are insulated with an R50 blown in fibreglass which exceeds the national building code requirements and will keep your energy costs to a minimum.
  • 30 year Cambridge architectural 3 tab shingle used on all new home construction.
  • All windows and exterior doors openings are wrapped with a waterproofing membrane which guarantees a better seal and prevents the chance of any water intrusion.
  • Energy efficient windows from Atlantic Windows with a low E argon glass that will help keep the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Mechanical and Electrical Systems

  • Plumbing supply lines are ran with 1” PEX which increases water pressure and eliminate the possibility of a line cracking or pitting like the standard copper pipes.
  • Electrical systems are designed and installed by competent trained professionals who meet and exceed the national building code with everything they install.
  • Every home comes standard with a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV)
  • Every home comes with the option of electric baseboard heat, an air to air heat pump or a mini split heat pump. Both heat pump systems provide air conditioning in the summer and help with keeping the energy bills as low as possible all year long.
  • All new homes are prewired for phone and cable with the option to include prewire for a home entertainment systems or camera/ security system.



  • Generous allowances are provided for all the items that put a personal finish on your home including the cabinets, stairs, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures.
  • Every house comes standard with a 5” wide baseboard throughout and a 4” crown moulding throughout the main floor and master bedroom.
  • There are options to add other millwork items like transoms over interior doors or decorative columns in a wide entrance way.
  • All Rockwood homes are painted by our in house painters and the color choices and combinations are only limited by your imagination.